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Powershell snippet – add operators

Posted by wim-ms on April 18, 2008

Some code to automatically add some operator roles. Just edit the hash with your own description and groups. Ofcourse, this code requires that you run it from the Opsmgr command shell, or that you add the PSSnapin

$operatorroles=@{"ISA Operators"="DOMAIN\GS.ISA.admins";"Exchange Operators"="DOMAIN\GS.Exchange.admins";"SQL Operators"="DOMAIN\GS.SQL.admins"}

function addOperatorRole {
write-host "adding operator: $operatorname"
$mg=(get-item .).ManagementGroup
$operator=$mg.GetMonitoringProfiles() | where {$_.Name -eq "Operator"}
$obj = new-object Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring.Security.MonitoringUserRole
$obj.MonitoringProfile = $operator

function addOperatorRoles {
write-host "adding Operator Roles"
$operatorroles.getEnumerator() | foreach -process { addOperatorRole $_.Name}


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