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Exchange 2007 management pack

Posted by wim-ms on April 16, 2008

The management pack isn’t able to discover the Mailbox component on our Exchange cluster. Mailbox count data etc isn’t viewable, the problem seems to have something to do with DNS names of a cluster not correctly being inserted in the database. A solution I found (and which worked for me) on a forum consists of manually updating the database with the correct DNSname.

First run

select NetbiosComputerName,DNSName from OperationsManager.dbo.MT_Computer where DNSName is NULL

to find the DNSName-less servers. Then to fix it:

update OperationsManager.dbo.MT_Computer set DNSName = 'exchangecluster.test.com' where NetbiosComputerName='exchangecluster'

Another solution is to use the discoveryfix MP from Marius Sutara

A third solution is to wait on Microsoft to release a new and hopefully native instead of converted management pack for Exchange 2007 (SP1) 🙂


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