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SQL cluster gotcha’s – part two

Posted by wim-ms on January 23, 2008

After the installation of the OperationsManager database on the cluster, I removed my current Opsmgr setup (which was the everything-on-one-box one) and reinstalled it pointing the SDK to the instance on our SQL-cluster. I ended with upgrading to the SP1 RC.

Everything seemed fine, but nothing seemed to be monitored, and my opsmgr event log was getting weird messages like

A Bind Data Source in Management Group GW1 has posted items to the 
workflow, but has not received a response in 12722 seconds.  This 
indicates a performance or functional problem with the workflow.

This took us a while to find out, but the problem was caused by SQL. More precisely because the Service Principal Names for the SQL service weren’t set in the AD database, which caused the Windows Authentication in the SQL server connection to change to NTLM. Which in turn caused the Opsmgr SDK service to stall and puke out above mentioned errors.

We fixed it by using setspn

I didn’t find any notice of setspn and the above issues in the Microsoft documentation though (maybe I didn’t look hard enough 🙂


4 Responses to “SQL cluster gotcha’s – part two”

  1. Great summary. Thanks for the helpful info. I stated earlier that I can’t wait to see what information pops up here and this is exactly the unique user-perspective detail that the community-at-large is seeking. Great job!

    Duncan McAlynn [MVP]

  2. […] As posted this evening to https://wimms.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/sql-cluster-gotchas-part-two/ […]

  3. Yair said

    I ran into the same problem. Could you please state the exact setspn command you ran?


  4. wim-ms said

    Hi Yair,
    The exact setspn command we ran will not be useful for you. But you have to run it like this:

    Setspn -A service/host.domain.com:port sql_service_account
    Setspn -A service/netbiosname sql_service_account


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